Thursday, 10 January 2013

Evaluation of The Hobbit Project

I was asked to create a project based on the film 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.' The first thing I did when starting this task was to watch the film in the cinema. I enjoyed it and used some of the ideas in my project.

I looked at the trailer for the film. I thought that it was very effective because it shows the genre of the film clearly and it makes the audience excited about the long awaited film. I compared this with the trailer for Lord of the Rings and I found that they were similar. The reason for this is because they were directed by the same person, Peter Jackson. Both films are also from the same genre. I then compared the posters for The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Both posters contain the same type of colour scheme (grey, gold, red and black.) I also looked at Harry Potter posters. I found that all three styles of posters contained the main character or any main character of the film. I found that the more simple posters worked better than the complicated ones. I decided to use Gollum on my poster because he is a well known character and he is also liked by younger people who I find would be the target audience for this film. I also used the same colour scheme that is found on The Hobbit posters (gold writing and dark grey background.) I kept my poster simple by making it a character poster which contained a picture of the character, the name of the film and 'Coming Soon' to create a sense of anticipation.

I asked people that I knew (my dad, my brother, my friends and cousins) whether they wanted to see The Hobbit. I discovered that the people who were more interested in the film were male. However, the females who were interested in the films were also interested in other fantasy films like Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games. I made my DVD cover and poster more aimed at a male audience. I created a mood board containing pictures from the book and the film. This made it easier for me to see the types of colours and the styles used in the film.

I think my poster is a little bit too simple and probably could have been more detailed but I did take into consideration the style of a character poster, the colours and the conventions of the style of film. In the script, I made the important parts of the stage directions capitalised so that the certain departments making the film would know what to include and what they need to make for the scene. I typed it to look like a proper script using courier font.