Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Evaluation continued...

Highlights of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour:-
  • The lesson on the Script to Screen process. I found this really interesting and very beneficial for the course and possibly my future.
  • Seeing the sets and costumes from the films. I enjoyed this because it really helps us appreciate the amount of work and effort that goes into making these films.
  • The wand room at the end of the tour. It was really interesting to find out how many people work on these films and the amount of credit that these people gain.
  • The creatures department. I never realised how many creatures were created for the films and the amount of details used.
Overall, I think that this experience was an amazing one and I have learned a lot about how films are created from a single idea and transformed into a motion picture. I have learned about the importance of creating a storyboard and script before making a film. I think that this will be very helpful throughout the course. 

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