Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Exam Questions

Exam Questions...
a. Choose 1 of the film posters. Suggest two different audiences for this film. Give brief reasons for your choice.
The film poster that I have chosen to talk about is ‘The A-Team.’ Two audiences for this film would be men aged around 15 to 35. The reason for this is because it appears to be an action film which would make men interested. If the audience was too young, they may find it too violent and an older audience may not enjoy explosions and other aspects of this genre of film. It looks like an action film because of the masculine stance of the characters and the costumes that they are wearing and the fact that their facial expressions are serious. Another audience could be fans of the actors in the film. Even though their names are not on the poster, the actors on the poster are instantly recognisable. This means that people who enjoy other films that the actors have been in will be interested in seeing this film. The men on the poster show that the film is for a mainly male audience, however, some of the actors may be appealing to women which would make them interested in the film. The font that is used is metallic with nails in it which makes it look as though the people are 'hard.' The tagline "There is no plan B" shows that the characters are clearly set out to do something dangerous which may be interesting to men, as they may find danger exciting.

   b.  Using either of the film posters explain how the main audience for the film has been targeted.

On the 'Sex and the City 2' poster, the main audience would be women aged around 18 to 40. This audience has been targeted because it is clear that this film is for women because there are 4 female protagonists. Even though the colour scheme is not particularly feminine, the font is sparkly and gold which indicates that this film is for a female audience. The reason that this film would be for a young to middle aged audience is because the title is "Sex and the City" which indicates that there will be scenes of a sexual nature. This suggests that the film would be inappropriate for young audiences and the film may not appeal to older audiences. Because "Sex and the City" is a famous franchise, people who have seen the first film and the TV series would be interested in seeing the film. If they haven’t seen either, the actresses names at the top of the poster could be enough to make people interested seeing the film. The fact that the background shows the characters on the beach, means that the film is set somewhere other than New York where the first one is set which would be interesting to the audience as they would want to see the characters in a different situation. The girls on the poster look happy and as there are no men on the poster, shows that it is not  a classic rom com that people may find boring but is a chick flick that girls would want to watch with their friends.

c. What different uses are available to a range of audiences from different media texts? Refer to your own detailed examples.

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