Thursday, 11 April 2013

Exam Questions

1. Analyse the two film posters commenting on:-
  • Visual Codes
  • Layout and Design
  • Genre Conventions
The Sex and the City 2 (SATC) poster is good for advertising the film. The first thing that is noticable about this text is that the four women on the poster are close together and they look happy which suggests that they are friends and they are happy together. The characters are looking directly at the camera and smiling. This makes the characters seem approachable and friendly and relatable to the audience. The fact that Sarah Jessica Parker is standing slightly further forward than the others suggests that she is the main character of the film. The camera shot is a low angle shot which gives a hint of glamour as this is the shot that is mainly used in high fashion magazines. This is a good idea because the content of the film is generally fashion. The costumes that have been used are very plain colours. This isnt a problem because it means that the recognisable faces of the characters have more of a focus on them. The material of the costumes are silky and the scarf which is floating accross the characters suggests that they are in the desert and these costumes would be appropriate. However, although they are appropriate desert clothing, they also have a hint of glamour and are extremely feminine because they are wearing stilettos which may be of interest to the audience. The costumes also show the muscular structure of the women's arms, showing that they clearly take care of themselves which makes them aspirational to other women. The background of the poster is quite plain as the reader is only able to see sand and sky. However, this means that the reader knows that the film is not set in Manhattan like the first film and the television series, which may make the audience more interested as the readers know that they are going to see the characters, who are extremely well known, go on a journey. The font that has been used is gold and silver and sparkly. This makes it look expensive and also its quite feminine.

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